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Dealer Gears provides you with these amazing software solutions to streamline and manage
your dealership, improve your overall sales process, get more leads, and ultimately sell more product.

Desk a Deal

Desking Tools

Offer a number of cash, finance and lease options. Choose from a growing selection of deal sheets to present consumer proposals.

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Search Inventory

Parts & Service

Easily track and manage vehicle inventory, parts, services, and other products and accessories.

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F&I Menus

Drastically improve sales of finance and insurance products with Menus customized for every customer

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Compare Vehicles

Dealership Websites

We build and maintain an awesome website front end for your dealership with Dealer Gears' Car Dealer Website and Hosting Tools

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Hosting & Domains

CRM Tools

Better track and organize customer information. Closely manage customer relationships throughout the full sale process.

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Search Inventory

Email & Campaigns

Increase repeat sales as well as service department revenue with automated followup and email marketing.

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Here are some of the integrations that we are currently offering. We also do custom and OEM integrations.*

Car Proof

Advanced Car Dealer Management Software

Dealer Gears is the best software for car dealers. It allows dealerships to simplify and speed up their sales processes and other daily tasks in order to make more sales quicker than ever before. Armed with a set of highly functional features, Dealer Gears takes care of all of your organizational business needs, becoming a great digital helper for you and your business.

Provides accurate data

With our car dealer software, your clients will have constant access to the latest, freshest data on the cars of their interest through our vehicle information service. Up-to-date VIN decoder allows anyone in the dealership to quickly and accurately find the car model in the database, see its specs and print out the important information (crash test rates, consumption guide, etc.) as window stickers. Our iPhone and Android mobile Apps that allows you to take vehicle photos, scan vehicle VIN plates for stocking them into inventory, add Trade In vehicles for customers, and scan Drivers Licenses quickly for test drives.

Manage your finances

Your customers are introduced to multiple finance payment and leasing options through a convenient and comprehensive matrix format. Powerful and sophisticated accounting tools help you closely track every aspect of your dealership including: deals, parts & service, payroll, and accounting. Blazingly quick performance that delivers volumes of data in a clear and concise format is the key to increasing profitability and Dealer Gears is the software for auto dealers that makes it possible.

Schedule and analyze daily tasks

Make your workers’ job easier with Calendar and Reporting tool available with our auto dealer software. Enlists all tasks for the day in a simple schedule that any employee can access within the Dealer Gears system. Research your individual, profitability and professional performance by generating flexible reports that boast a wide array of customization options.

Stay in control of the dealership

Aside from being a handy desking tool with accounting and management features, Dealer Gears is also a great car inventory management software. It includes a CRM tool that automates the process of client correspondence, offering them a quick and timely service before, during and after the purchase of their vehicle. Within this vehicle dealer software your employees can customize and modify the inventory list with useful information as well as edit products, parts, and services (including chemicals, F&I products, accessories, etc.).

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